Analytics: What Are You Thankful For?

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a clichéd “What Are You Thankful For” blog post right?  So in the spirit of the holiday, I present to you a brief list of things for which I’m thankful.  Enjoy!

Google Tag Manager

A feature that saves, in some instances, MONTHS of time?  Oh, and it’s also easy to use and is (generally) fool-proof…what’s not to be thankful for?  Not to mention, it keeps you on good terms with the IT department.  In a world where a lot of products bring questionable amounts of value and utility, it’s nice to know that at least one product out there is a no-brainer.


Can you imagine getting lost and having to dust off the old road atlas from the back seat of your car to find your way home?  Yeah, me neither.  Nowadays, our phones can tell us where to go (imagine explaining that to your grandparents 15 years ago). The plethora of devices available today make life easier, and marketing more interesting.  In the marketing world, devices truly put the power in the hands of the consumer…they control when, where, and how they consume your content.  If you’re an eCommerce site that doesn’t have a mobile/tablet optimized experience, you might be better off trying to sell sunscreen in Cold Bay, Alaska (yes, that’s the cloudiest place on earth and yes, I looked it up).  Consequently, devices have made marketing and the measurement of consumer behavior more challenging but also enjoyable as marketers have to find new and creative ways to reach their audience.

Tableau 8.1 with Native Google Analytics API Connector that Supports Custom Segments in GA

So Tableau was already a favorite of the team here at Delve Partners (it’s the best data visualization software out there), but the newest update has a feature that lets you query custom subsets of your GA data.  This takes an already stellar product and gives you the freedom to tailor its use to fit exactly what you need.  This strikes me as exactly what the Pilgrims had in mind on the first Thanksgiving.

I could go on all day about things I’m thankful for (friends, family, my dog, the fact that it’s November 27th and my Bills haven’t yet been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs); but what are YOU thankful for faithful readers?  Let us know in the comments section!  And Happy Thanksgiving!!



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