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We’re doing something a bit different on the GetDelve blog today, as recently we were lucky enough to connect with Winston Ong, a Sydney-based SEO expert who runs the site  We always love chatting with industry experts, and our quick Q&A with Winston was no different.  He brings a unique perspective, and is definitely one of the “good guys” in the industry.  Hope you enjoy his insights, and be sure to go check out his site after the read!


1.  How long has been around?

I created my freelance site about a year ago, I’ve been doing SEO for about 2 years.

2.  What sets apart from the competition?  What advantages do you feel that you have in the SEO space?

I’m selective about the clients I work with – I say ‘no’ to more jobs than I say ‘yes’ to.

I build links through leveraging existing relationships and creating/recommending linkable content opportunities. To put it another way, I only create decent quality links that would occur naturally on the web. The truth is that not all websites and businesses have these opportunities available to them due to lack of offline presence, industry niche, etc. They might have these opportunities in the future, depending on the maturity level of their website, but I don’t believe in charging clients for work that won’t make a difference to their site.

I’ve never done any PPC advertising, and only receive a handful of leads from my site via organic searches each month. However I think my approach has allowed me to build a pretty strong foundation of referrals from partners and happy clients that I never need to think about pro-actively advertising.

3.  Currently, what’s the biggest challenge that faces and how do you deal with it?

Forecasting and measuring ROI from SEO for my clients, particularly with 100% not provided. Like most SEO’s I’m increasingly relying on webmaster tools data which has its limitations.

4.  What do you foresee your biggest challenge being two years from now?

I think the ‘good’ SEO space – search marketers who provide custom, high quality services and focus more on quality content marketing – will become more competitive as the post-penguin era matures. More clients will demand ‘white-hat’ solutions and the SEO marketing message will follow the money, making my service offering appear less unique.

5.  What’s the best part of your job?  The worst?

The best part is watching the effects of your work visibly hit goals you’ve set for your clients. Nothing more satisfying than that! The worst is when it doesn’t happen – you do everything right and for whatever quirk in the algorithm, Google rewards one of your client’s competitors with better rankings despite having an awful website, poor quality content, poor user experience and crappy spam links (yes, it does happen, Google’s isn’t perfect).

6.  How’s life in Sydney?  What’s the best part of living in Australia?  (It’s crazy how many Americans want to live/visit/work in Australia)

Sydney is great! We have the perfect blend of nice weather, beautiful beaches and a vibrant city life. You should come over :) There’s a general lack of analytics talent in the local market.

Thanks again Winston for taking the time to chat.  And loyal readers, if you have any questions for Winston (or us), let us know in the comments section!


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