Enable viewing of Google Display Network remarketing data in Google Analytics, through Google Tag Manager. See your visitors age, gender or interests in your Google Analytics account.

Note: this post is relevant to the Classic or Asynchronous version of Google Analytics.  As of December 2013 when this post is being published GDN data cannot be viewed – yet – in Universal Google Analytics. We expect that this will be fixed by Google sometimes in 2014 since Asych accounts are being migrated to Universal GA as of Nov 2013.

Age Gender or Interests in Google Analytics generated through the integration with the Google Display Network

1. Log in to your GTM account through google.com/tagmanager

2. Click on an existing Container (if you don’t have a container … create one :)

Container view in Google Tag Manager

3. Click on the ‘tag’ icon to create a new Tag

Create a new Tag in your Google Tag Manager Container

4. You are now viewing a screen that allows you to create a new Tag:

Define Tag Name and Tag Type in your Google Tag Manager Container to start to see Demo retargeting data in GTM

5. Define the Tag Name, and select Tag Type as Google Analytics (which is implicitly Classic or Asynchronous, i.e. the pre-Universal GA version of GA).

Select the (blank) Google Analytics, NOT Universal (beta) in Google Tag Manager

6. Once you select “Google Analytics”, you will see a page that looks like below:

- Define your Web Property ID

- Click on the [] box underneath to “Enable display advertising features like remarketing….”

- Define a Firing Rule – you can just create a rule where the Tag will fire on ALL

- Click Save

Click on Enable display Advertising features like remarketing....in Google Tag Manager

7. Here is what you will see once you click on Save

View after you defined Tag Name, Type, selected the Rules, etc in Google Tag Manager to set up remarketing in Google Analytics

8. Your Tag is created, but, it’s not live or Published. You need to create a Version and then Publish it.

Create a Version:

You must Create a Version, just because you create a Tag it won't be Published in Google Tag Manager


Once you create a Version, Publish your Tag for it to go live. It may take up to 24 hrs for the data to populate from Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics.

9. You are done, you should see below:

Congrats, your Tag to see Google Display Network data in Google Tag Manager is live!

Last step…

10. Now, log into your GA account, and you see Demographics and Interests under your main Audience tab.

You are done, congrats!

Good luck, Greg.

Posted under Google Tag Manager by Greg Sobiech on 18th December, 2013

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