Why You Need Best-in-Class Analytics

So this might be more of an advertisement than a blog post, but it does address a question that I’m frequently asked: “Google Analytics is free, why would I need to pay for a consultancy to help me?”  The first reason is that it’s almost Christmas and web analytics consultants have families to shop for… the other reasons are outlined below:


As the majority of you know, Google Analytics is a free tool.  After a quick set-up, anyone can quickly learn how to measure pageviews, visitors, pages per visit, and other basic metrics.  But does this really get you anywhere?  Sure, you can see which pages are performing well from a content standpoint and which pages tend to lead to conversions.  But to maximize the value of analytics, you need to measure not just your site, but the performance of your entire marketing strategy.  As it turns out, this is extremely difficult to do with a rudimentary GA setup.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can accomplish by working with a web analytics consultancy (like Delve Partners).  First, and perhaps most importantly, a great web analytics consultancy will get to know you AND your business.  This allows them to put themselves “in your shoes”, and puts them in a position to tailor their process to your goals and objectives.

After taking the time to get to know your business, Delve Partners unleashes their technical expertise.  Using decades of combined experience across numerous industries, we can quickly tag your site and set up your analytics reporting in a “best-in-class” fashion.  Rather than using trial and error to try to get the best data from your analytics, you can rely on a company that has successfully implemented and owned the analytics process for tons of leading companies over the years.  (Don’t believe me? http://delvepartners.com/clients-and-case-studies/)  So what’s the benefit here?  Well, our wealth of experience means we’ve already made all the mistakes that you’re about to make if you’re just beginning your analytics journey.  Let us save you the headache!

Another benefit of working with a consultancy of our caliber (especially as it pertains to GA), is our expertise with Google Tag Manager.  Rather than tagging your site once and hoping for the best (since it would take IT months to make any changes), we can set you up with Tag Manager so that you could make any changes to the site tagging yourself in minutes (without getting your dev team involved).

So how can a consultancy help you tie your web analytics to your overall marketing strategy?  Well, from Cross Device Measurement to Multi-Channel Attribution, we have several tools that can paint the entire picture of customer behavior.  We can tell you which Marketing initiatives drove the sale, which devices they researched and bought the product on, the duration of their buying cycle, etc.  We can also leverage our decades of experience to tell you WHAT to do with this info to drive ROI.  Sounds a little better than just learning how long people stay on a given page right?

Perhaps the biggest benefit from working with a consultancy comes AFTER the technical aspect is completed.  At Delve Partners we like to say that data, by itself, is worthless…it’s what you do with the data that creates value.  As part of our service, we generally include marketing insights based on the data the analytics process is producing.  Whether it drives revenue or decreases costs, these insights will positively impact your bottom line.  With our experience across numerous industries, we can tell you EXACTLY what your data means and what you should do about it.  So instead of trying to “decode” your data, you can have the help of the analytics and marketing experts from Delve Partners.

So basically, you can trial-and-error your way through your analytics process for free, or you can work with analytics experts to measure the right data (correctly!) and maximize the value you get from it.  At Delve Partners, we pride ourselves on having a bottom-line impact FAR above the prices we charge for our services.  Think you might be interested?  Call us or ask us a question in the comments!


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